The student moving out checklist

For students everywhere, summer is a time of upheaval as many move into different accommodation. Moving can be a stressful task, so we’ve compiled a list of key points to help get you on the right track.

Cancel bills

You will have a variety of accounts and bills linked to your student address, including electricity, gas, water and internet to name the most common. Before leaving for the summer, call these companies and make them aware of your final moving out date. This ensures you only pay for exactly what you are using and won’t be charged for any future use from the next tenant. Many utilities companies will ask you to take final meter readings to ensure they charge you correctly.

Make arrangements for luggage storage or transport

Over the summer you will need to keep your belongings somewhere, and there are a few options for this. Most will either arrange for storage units over the summer holidays through a service such as Big Yellow Box or transport everything home with them for a few months and then bring it back when the term begins. Both of these options have advantages depending on how far away you live, the amount of stuff you have, and your budget. Choose your option and book these in early, before the companies run out of units or rental vans.

Give the property a deep clean

Leaving your current accommodation in the same condition as it was when you arrived is a must if you want to get your deposit back, and cleanliness is a top priority. This doesn’t mean just hoovering your bedroom floor but cleaning showers, kitchen appliances etc. and even putting furniture back if you moved it during your tenancy. Click here for more tips on how to get 100% of your deposit back.

Make sure to take everything with you

Double-check every room for your belongings, or these may end up getting binned or lost forever once the landlord reclaims the house for the summer. Take a careful look around the home and your room for anything that may be small but valuable, such as jewellery or wireless headphones.

Don’t leave your car or property unattended

A running car, open front door, or unguarded bags on the pavement can be prime targets for opportunist thieves, so try your best to keep an eye on these while you are moving your belongings from the house to the car. It may seem like a bit of hassle at the time, but much easier than having to report a theft to the police!

If you have any further questions or require any advice on moving out, call our office on 01792 600227.

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