How to get 100% of your deposit back

Yet to be successful in getting 100% of your deposit back on your student house? Have plans for the summer that would benefit from a budget boost? Here are 5 helpful and easy tips to make sure you get 100% of your deposit back.

Make sure all the rent is paid

If your rent isn’t completely paid your deposit will be used first to cover what hasn’t been paid. If you live in a shared property, deposits will be used to cover unpaid rent of any tenant, so it’s not just your rent that needs to be paid but everyone else’s too.

Top tip: Check that you and all your housemates have paid rent in full and kept a record in case of any dispute.

Clean the house

Cleaning the house before you leave won’t just impress your landlord but will also save your deposit from being used to clean the house if it’s been left a mess. You may be moving out but leaving it clean and tidy will make sure you’ll be moving out with your deposit too.

Top tip: This doesn’t mean just hoovering your bedroom floor but cleaning showers, kitchen appliances etc. and even putting furniture back if you moved it during your tenancy.

Report anything broken/damaged

During your tenancy, make sure you report any issues using our repair reporting system - Regularly check all of the fixtures and fittings in your home are in good working order and report anything broken as soon as possible. Prior to moving out, double check that everything is in good condition.

Take all your belongings

When moving out make sure to take all of your belongings with you. If you don’t the landlord will have to pay to get them removed and you know what that means. This cost will be coming out of your deposit, so take everything! Once you’ve removed all your belongings go back to double check the house, you may have missed something.

Top tip: Organise who will take things you may have bought together as a house to make sure everything has been taken.

Check your contract

There should be an inventory and information on what your landlord expects the house to look like once you’ve moved out. There may be photos included in the inventory, so make sure the house looks the same. This means referring back to the tips on cleaning and repairing things in the house before leaving.

Top tip: Take photos of the property yourself on the day you move in to compare to the ones in the inventory in order to prevent disputes when moving out.

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