What to do if you don’t get a place in student halls

University can be an exhilarating experience filled with new opportunities; however, if you haven’t managed to secure a spot in the university halls you may be worried about missing out. You probably have a plethora of questions about where you’re going to live. Well, living off-campus doesn’t have to be the end of the world and alternative options may suit you and your new lifestyle even better! Here at StudentDigz we’ve put together a guide to show you what to do if you’ve missed that deadline for university halls:

Go to the university housing office

If you’re local, the university housing office will be located on campus – don’t panic if you’re not, they will also be available via phone or email. The housing office will be able to offer advice on the different options that you have both on and off-campus. A student may have dropped out freeing space in halls, but more than likely they will direct you to an agency like ours, where we can show you how great private accommodation can be! Whether you’re looking for a studio apartment or a house share, we can help.   

If it is a house share you are looking for, often the people you will end up living with will be in the same position as you – but how do you find these housemates?

Turn to social media

Facebook can be a great way to find housemates! Pages including ‘Overheard at Swansea University’ are inundated with students looking for like-minded people to house hunt with. Some already have a house and are looking for an extra person to fill a room. Students often provide information about what they are studying, which year of study they are currently in and pictures of themselves and, if relevant, of the house. Have a look and message any people you think might fit what you’re searching for. Alternatively, pop up a post outlining what you’re looking for and wait for the students to flock to you! It’s super important to be clear with both your housemates and your letting agent on what you expect, so make sure to communicate well and keep everyone on the same page.

It goes without saying, be careful contacting strangers online. Make sure to meet your future housemates (even if it is virtually) and get to know them before signing contracts or sending any money.

Research, research and more research!

So you’ve got a potential house and some housemates? Great! Now make sure you research the area and the property where you’ll be living. Whilst not every street is filled with noisy party-goers, asking your letting agent how many student houses are on your street may avoid some nasty surprises. Consider the location of the nearest grocery store and perhaps public transport if you don’t own a car. Are you and your housemates happy with the distance to university?

Finally, organise plenty of viewings to ensure you’ve found ‘the one’ and don’t be afraid to shop around.

To summarise…

Acknowledge your disappointment about missing that deadline for university halls but remember, this might work out in your favour! Your social life won’t suffer and you’ll still be able to have the experience everyone talks about. To top it off, living in shared, private accommodation can often mean better prices and a little more freedom! Just make sure to start searching for housemates and a house as early as possible, making sure you do your research every step of the way!  

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