Types of student accommodation including some stunning quirky options

Are you having trouble deciding what type of accommodation to move into? Here’s our guide to finding the perfect fit, plus a few unique options we have available!

University owned halls

This is often the most popular route for first year students who may be unfamiliar with the surrounding area. Organised through the university, they offer both convenience and location. You are usually given the option of which halls you would like to move into, but your campus and budget will be a consideration. This type of accommodation can be great for meeting new friends and acclimatising to your new found independent lifestyle!

Privately owned halls

These are similar to university owned halls but they’re owned by a third-party company. They tend to be more state of the art and offer facilities such as cinema and games rooms. Although this does come at a cost as these tend to be more expensive. These are often a good fit for students that may have missed out on campus halls.

Private flat/house share

This is what we specialise in at StudentDigz! These are more popular among second, third and MA students but are a great way to achieve total independence. Private house shares offer more room and better value for money. Additionally, you can choose the location, this means you can be halfway between your favourite haunt and next lecture! Check out some awesome properties we have below!

1) Super Spacious

This stunning property on Glanmor Road, Uplands is just a glimpse of what our Uplands properties have to offer! The modern property is in the heart of Uplands, popular among students for its convenient selection of bars and shops!

2) Scandinavia or Port Tennant?

This bright and airy property will have you shocked to believe it’s just a few minutes from Bay Campus. Perfect for those looking for a home away from home at University.


3) The most unique student property... EVER?

This wacky property on Mirador Crescent is perfect for anyone that has a little flare! It’s unique décor is definitely hard to ignore. Imagine the BBQ’s in that spacious garden!


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