Debunking 7 myths around student accommodation

Starting University in a new city is scary! For many, it’s something they’ve never done before and the thought of it can be daunting. Especially when presented with horror stories and myths about student accommodation. At StudentDigz, we aim to find you the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

So, if you’re a worried fresher that has missed out on a spot in the Universities halls, or if you’ve already done halls and are looking to move on, here are 7 myths about student housing and accommodation debunked!

1) Every street is a party street

It is a common misconception that student houses are all on the same streets, leading to non-stop noise and chaos from eager party-goers. Although this may be true for some streets, there are plenty of houses that are situated away from this scene. Perfect for those who maybe don’t drink or need some peace and quiet away from the madness of the typical University lifestyle.

Try to avoid: Being a Third Year or MA student on a busy, social street. Come dissertation hand in time, you’ll regret wanting to be the socialite!

2) The houses are dirty and dingy

Student housing is often stereotyped as messy, dirty and dark. This simply isn’t true. However, it’s important to be realistic when considering student housing – for example, it is going to be near impossible to find a house with a four-poster bed, a spiral staircase and a hot tub for £350 per calendar month. There are, however, a lot of options that will surprise you with just how good they are. The standard of student housing has grown hugely in recent years. You just have to take your time carrying out a thorough property search on our website and have an organised list of what you want from your house.

Top Tip: There is a property to fit everyone`s budget, just be realistic with your requirements.

3) Rushing to choose your future housemates just to secure a house

Often students rush to find a second-year house. Leaving them living with their first-year flatmates for the rest of the year, only to find out two months down the line they’re completely different people with completely different wants and needs from a house. This is easily avoidable, make sure you are 100% comfortable with your future housemates before you begin house hunting! Houses come onto the market all the time, so take time to organise your group before embarking on the big house hunt.

Top tip: Speak to your course mates about their plans and find as many housemates with the same wants and needs as you until you have the desired group.

4) Other housemates are going to steal your stuff

There may be some truth in this, especially in your first year. You’ll probably notice you leave halls with 1 fork, 3 knives and no spoons but this is about as drastic as it gets. Generally speaking, people have a lot more respect for each other, and property, than you’d originally think. When the time comes for you to start renting houses, you should know each other well enough to borrow the odd packet of noodles without it becoming a big issue – just make sure you replace them as soon as you can.

Top Tip: Set out boundaries if you feel as though someone is being cheeky with your things. There’s always storage in your rooms away from communal areas if you have items you really don’t want somebody to take.

5) Student housing is expensive

For other cities, this might be true, but here in Swansea, accommodation is very affordable. Just make sure you have a budget in mind and factor in bills and other living expenses.

6) Students don’t get their deposits back

This is false, if you respect the property, pay your rent/bills and clean thoroughly before moving out you will get your deposit back. The main reasons tenants have a deposit deduction are:

· Property not cleaned (including the kitchen appliances)

· Refuse bags left behind

· Personal belongings or furniture left behind

· Rent arrears

· Unpaid utility bills

Top tip: Always check your inventory and go back to the Agent/Landlord with any amendments as soon as you move in.

7) You have to spend ages finding the perfect house

Again, this is false. You can research your options before your visit by searching our website, plus you can now view some properties remotely. Our Lettings Negotiators are always on hand to listen to your needs and find you the perfect property.

Top tip: Confirm your group size and know your property requirements before you start looking for a property. This will speed your property search up considerably.

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